About us - Mira y Llorens
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About us

Mira y Llorens is a firm with a long history and reputation for specializing in the manufacture of nougat and sweets using methods that are the hallmark of the traditional craftsmanship that has made Xixona a world leader. They begin by carefully selecting the best basic ingredients and then they use the most advanced production processes and quality control.

Our concern for achieving the highest quality in our products and our customers’ satisfaction means Mira y Llorens has a quality management system certified by AENOR according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standard (business registration certificate no. ER-0903/2002).

Our priority: Keeping up the tradition

Our priority: Keeping up the tradition

All of our produce is under the strict control of the Nougat Master. The Nougat Master checks and verifies that the product is made just as our forefathers handed it down, keeping the formula and the nougat tradition unchanged for hundreds of years.
Top quality results

Top quality results

The result is a wide range of products that include the excellent superior gold nougat, supreme quality nougat, delicious marzipan, crunchy almonds, sugared almonds (“peladillas”) and a wide range of pastry items that will delight those who try them.