Edelweiss - Mira y Llorens
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The excelence of nougat.

The name of this brand is inspired by an almost mythical flower that grows in the mountains, on clear that leave the most pure snow fall there. It really is an exceptional flower, like nougat and nougats of this brand, exceptional, knowing take full advantage of almonds, peanuts and other nuts in conjunction with honey and sugar remarkable quality.

Our brands

At Mira and Llorens make our nougat and sweets following the traditional recipe of our ancestors, using only natural and top quality to enjoy an excellent product raw materials. Discover our brands and the variety of products we offer: nougat and marzipan, candies and cakes, nougats and chocolates… Enjoy the wide range of flavors and textures that offers a product of the highest quality.

El Artesano

Gran Duque



Don Pelayo

El Molí Vell